Like so many Australians and people around the world I have watched on in horror as people's livelihoods go up in smoke, as people are evacuated from coastal towns by the navy and as millions, or billions of animals are lost. 

For the months of January and February I will be donating 15% of all sales to the Australian Red Cross bushfire appeal.

I have nothing but support and gratitude to the women and men who have put their summers into saving people's homes, businesses and lives. 

Here are some examples of the devastation of Australian bushfires. The first three photos are from Black Saturday in 2009. The remainder are the smoke filled valleys of normally lush and idyllic South Gippsland (hundreds of km from the nearest fire).

If there is any other way that I can help, please let me know.

If you wish to donate directly - visit the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery page

Black Saturday, 2009

Smoke in South Gippsland

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