Our bodies and the way we move them creates so much rich meaning for both ourselves and for any audience we may have. In photographing movement, I make choices to show shape, motion, structure and story. Whether photographing dance, yoga or any other kind of movement I seek out the stories that our bodies tell and capture the moments that show you at your best - whether at full extension, or the details in between. 

If you're working with me on a dance or a yoga shoot, I love to let you use your own practice to inform our work. I also love looking at the shapes that you are making and how they relate to the environment that we're in. If you are looking to capture technique I am happy to workshop a pose or a step, time and again until it is perfect (and am happy to work closely with a teacher or choreographer to get it just so). 

Click on the button below to discuss how we may work together.

For schools, calisthenics clubs and studios, my Capture My Event business specialises in photo days, concert photography and recording, and events. Click on over and get in touch.

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