Everyday People - Extraordinary Stories

We all have stories that need to be told, some big, some celebratory, some small, some business, and some very personal.

Hi, my name is Dan A'Vard and I'm a portrait photographer, living in and around Melbourne. For as long as I can remember I have loved photography, taking photos, looking at photos or talking about photos. For the longest time though, I was terrified of photographing people! The day that I finally broke through that barrier I found my calling: to connect with, empower and challenge people through beautiful, authentic portraiture.

When I work with you, I get to know who you are and what your story is. When I shoot with you, I connect with where you're at, and what you need to get let your story shine through. I take time, and support you on this journey. I have heard that my shoots can be a bit like a workshop, finding tidbits and exploring them to show the best version of you. 

I would love to tell your story, whether you're an actor looking for new headshots, a business looking to tell your story, a couple looking to celebrate, or you want to commemorate and show yourself some love.

As an aside, I was recently featured by Snappr as one of Melbourne's top photographers!

Photograph: Luisa Tascone

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*it is worth noting also, that all images here are copyright to Daniel A'Vard unless otherwise specified.