I cry in cars

I cry in cars,on the couch, on trains, very, very occasionally in pubs.

Extreme beauty, moments of joy and sadness (mine or another's)... ... strong winds.

It starts, always, with a seed. A nugget of emotion is planted and warmed inside me it will grow and swell and grow and climb forcing my heart up.. up.. up into my throat, my mouth and out into the world. Breath comes faster, my lips can't control themselves, my heart just keeps on beating, swelling, contracting. The seed keep growing, pressing my insides out against me, my mouth contorts into a silent howl or a blinding grin. Always.

Then, body stretched and twisted out of shape, it comes. Tears water the seed, it grows, pushes. More tears, more growing, pushing. More, more more, until.. It grows too much, breaks, bursts, the pressure falls, my heart slowly returns, my insides find their places. My mouth stays contorted. Always.

I cry in cars, on the couch, on trains, only, very occasionally in pubs.