a pizza and a pill

"How much do I owe you for the pizza and the morning after pill?"Is this like a tin pan catching the rain? Or a wet dog catching the bus? I never can decide, well, not when your claws are dug deep into me Like a bullet through my cape. Your iCandi, iDandi sweetness draws a smile on my lips in place of.. Well, accidents do happen, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. Sometimes... because we're just too lazy as actors to feel our lines and bumble through life repeating them by rote over and over and over until they're gone... Like Sundays, and summer and sunny days... gone. Off into the abyss of the darkness that has no meaning that is just getting up in the morning over and over and over going to bed in the evening over and over and over tossing and turning over and over and over until something comes along that reminds you to breathe.

- in - - out - - in - - out -

And here we are with an empty pizza box and a used blister pack pondering life, love, meaning, adventure without adventure. Creating differences and similarities. Growing a wildness in our eyes that can only come from seeing a GDR Ampelmännchen in a top hat and manga tights - green/red/go/stop - that can only come from riding a horse indoors on an autumn evening and eating from a horses darkened room on a sunny afternoon.

A blur of pink and yellow superhero fantasies and realities saving the earth one real life show at a time with green lycra and mime. Of giggling meditation, of dogs and cats, of peaches and coconuts, it poured out of the pores on our paws as we pause once more with two receipts for the everyday and the sublime.

So, how much was it again?