universal little things

"The Universe" will provide. And when it does we'd best be grateful. Sometimes, it takes weird twists. This weekend the universe provided me with the space I needed through, of all things, an atheist conference. After weeks of too much everything, and not enough Dan, the atheist conference stole away all my day dates and I could stop and enjoy the little things. Little things like:

Whispering ich liebe dich in bed. Yelling ICH LIEBE DICH to a friend because the world is wonderful and terrifying all at once.

Finding my inner child (who incidentally is a "material girl" with a yellow ribbon wrapped around their head).

Watching the water slowly slipped past and the train rails slowly slide away behind me.

Supporting somebody's body weight with my neck as they support me with their foot before I collapse all around a heater in a tangle of arms and legs

Glimpsing a parallel universe: wonderful, distant, ordinary and right at hand.

Creating a frog from the scraps of a fire and making so much unbearable silent noise that a three-year old must block their ears and run away in terror.

I discovered that a Dandilion has exactly the same internal wiring as I, and that if you blow hard enough we'll both tell you the time.

Freedom can be found in all the little things, as can joy, love, beauty and horror.

It takes but a moment to be grateful, and in that moment we can rest.