1. Aliminium admiral of aeronautical adventures
  2. Beautifully balanced bullet of ballistic bliss
  3. Carefully constructed carrier of creative canine creatures
  4. Downright dastardly dreamship of delicious dedication
  5. Excellent elevator of extreme exactness
  6. Fantastic fuselage with furious flaps
  7. Gigantic goliath too gorgeous to go
  8. Heroic hotdog heading homeward
  9. Industrial igloo in ionospheric illumination
  10. Jail like jet with jelly jumping-jacks
  11. King kisser of kilograms and kilometers
  12. Luxury log landing lads and lasses
  13. Miraculous machine moving marauding messy muscles
  14. Nexus of the near, the now and the next
  15. Origami orgy of ordinary organisms
  16. Pilot's plaything pushing people Perthward
  17. Queer quiet quilt quitting Quito
  18. Roger Ramjet's radical rocket
  19. Silver sausage of subsonic splendour
  20. Terrible tube for transcontinental traverses
  21. Unidentifiable uplifter with uniformly upholstered ulcers
  22. Vehicular vestige vexing voluptuous vixens
  23. Wonderful wallet of wandering women
  24. Xylophone of xenophobes
  25. Yak yearning yearly yips
  26. Zealous zephyr of zero zombies