Change sucks. Here's to change.

You can't fight change. When it comes for you it grabs a hold of you, drags you under and twists you around until you have no idea which way is up, down, left or right. 

Change has been brewing for a while now, a change of direction, a change of lifestyle, a change of work. But I've ignored it, said "I'm not ready". Until yesterday. The CEO of my day job took me out to lunch and broke me the news that the company is changing things up. Which means no day job for me. 


Of course I'm still "not ready". I guess I never will be. But now I have a choice. I can chain myself to another desk, and step back onto the merry-go-round of discontent that I was on, or I can try something new. Something that nourishes me. Something that inspires me to get up every morning. Yesterday I was heartbroken, last night I hardly slept, but today I have a pep in my step and a thousand roads diverging in the woods in front of me. Today I have a future of possibility without the inertia of yesterday (or I'm just overtired, maybe a bit of both).

In any case, change sucks, here's to change.

Dan A'Vard4 Comments