Ashleigh Southam live at Collarts

A couple of weeks back I got a phone call from my friend Ashleigh Southam. It wasn't a social call, he'd recorded a live album a few weeks before and needed an album cover. He'd seen some shots he liked and wanted a quick and simple photo session. In, out, edit, cover. Easy? Easy.

Arguably, Ash didn't need me for his cover art. He's one of the most talented artists I know, a proper, modern renaissance man. He can obviously compose, play some mean guitar and piano and sing like hell; but he can also write, draw, paint, whatever. He can do it. So it was quite an honour that he asked me to shoot his cover art.  I was at the recording, I knew how good it was, I just hoped I could do the album justice. I reckon I did.

We had a fun morning, playing around with different looks, teasing each other, giving it hell until we came to one that just worked. We both knew we had it. Simple, a black background, just a tiny bit hipster. Maybe a touch more than tiny, but it fit. 

So here's the cover, here's the play, here's the fun and here's the film of his recording. If you like it half as much as I do, go over to his bandcamp and buy yourself a copy. 

Ashleigh Southam Album Cover-001-Tunecore.jpg
Ashleigh Southam Live at Collarts-020-Edit.jpg