Does your profile picture say who you are?

When someone looks at your online profile, it's highly likely that they first look at your profile picture. This applies on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, even Tinder. Before someone even starts reading your story, they have created a story for you based on what they've seen. 

On a network like LinkedIn, that first impression counts, whether you're job hunting or headhunting. Does the story that your profile picture tells match the story that you want the world to hear? 

When choosing a profile picture simply ask yourself what story does that picture tell about me. Or ask a friend. 

If you're shooting with a photographer, ask them what they think the story should be and how you can work together to create that. Don't be afraid to shop around either. If a photographer is working professionally, they can most likely do the job. Find someone who clicks with you - both in personality and photographic style. 

We're all different in the way that we want to be seen, and the way that we work. Your profile picture should really reflect that.