The daily grind

The last few weeks have been super stressful for me. I've been through a bit of change - moving house and in with my partner. I've been financially stressed, I've been stressed with a whole bunch of school assignments popping up due and not feeling capable or on top of things. 

But then, last minute for one of those assignments I saw this image below. Well, I didn't see it. My favourite quote at the moment is "if you see the action happening in your viewfinder, then you've already missed the shot". I don't know who said this (and can't find out - it's apparently a sports photography saying). Anyway, this moment happened and I felt instant relief. In that moment I knew that I wasn't grinding my way to work. I am getting up to do something I love, every single day. That makes everything worthwhile, the stress, the hardship, the pain.

For what it's worth, I'm very proud of this picture. This is the first picture where I feel I have nailed the decisive moment. That point in time where everything just aligned to create an image that perfectly captures the essence of the moment. This is my favourite street photograph. Ever.