Discovering Videos

No, I don't mean digging around at your parents place and finding some old VHS tapes buried there. Or looking into a friend's phone and finding videos that, uh, nobody was meant to see. I mean discovering the joy of making videos. in the last few months, I have made a bunch of things, including interviews, a short film and a time-lapse. I've set up my very own youtube channel with some of these on there. And there will soon be more. Here's a sneak peek of a teenie, tiny film (work in progress - audio to be added) and a time-lapse. There's more to come.

The bench is a short film starring Stephanie Frobose and Shannessy Danswan, It was written by Shannessy Danswan and directed, shot and produced by Dan A'Vard ( The silent version is a short film with music by Kai Engel.