Too many Pablos

I was in a class this afternoon and my tutor, Roland, said something that piqued my thoughts. He said to always put your best foot forward, make sure than people (prospective clients) associate you with quality, not "meh". He was specifically speaking about when Emily Skelton's clients publish images that she is credited with. Should one of their clients see them and say "Oh wow!" then Em could be in for another job. If the response is "meh", then... meh.

It's a bit out of Roland's context, but this is the intersection of two ideas for me. Do you just always keep publishing, or only publish your best work. It's a hard balance I think. On the one hand, making and publishing, making and publishing is essential to any artist or communicator. How else does the world see what you do and how you do it? But if you're a student of your craft (isn't everybody), or just starting out, not all of your work may be your best work. What then, do you just keep publishing? Or does that ruin your brand? If you don't publish? Are you then missed by algorithms and not seen in the world?

The obvious answer is always create your best work. Does any of this even matter though? Does it? I don't know that it does. Just keep making and breaking.

Here's a photo that I made today, Too Many Pablos. For a class exercise, and for a bit of fun.