How much?!

I've always admired businesses who are committed to meeting their clients' needs. I've also always been passionate about people not missing out because they can't afford something. Whether you're starting out (like me) or doing it tough (also like me ATM), chances are you can't afford expensive photography. That's fine. From now on, I'm introducing a Fair Price Policy. What is this? Well, we'll discuss your budget and needs and develop a package together to suit both your needs and mine, without breaking the bank. I want to help you achieve your dreams, as I achieve mine.

This doesn't change the way I work, I'll still give you the best photos I can, no question. It also doesn't change the work I do, I want to keep working for clients who can afford my full packages and more. It's about meeting your needs.

I've talked about this for a while, now I'm putting my money where my mouth is. 

So don't be grumpy like Krib (below), it'll only get you so far.