Nothing about photographs

Last week I audited (sat in on) an acting class at Meisner Melbourne. One of the great things that comes with taking classes outside of our main area of work or study, is the insight that comes from an outside perspective.

Two things that the teacher (Clare Dea) said stood out to me.

The first was to 'trust the work.' That is, to do all of your preparation, research, practice, personalisation and trust that it will show in the final piece. Too many artists (often myself included) want to show how much they know and good they are and there's a step that many of us miss: letting go of the 'work'. If we've done all our prep, and then let it go, what audiences will see is our product. However, if we try to show the work, the work is all an audience will see. 

The second thing Clare said was to trust whoever you're working with. Because they have whatever it is that you need to achieve what you need to.  

Both of of these involve letting go. Something easier said than done. But I gave them both a try on Sunday with Alan and I'm pretty proud of the results. 

Dan A'VardComment