For most of this year, I've been hiding out from the world. It's been a big year of change for me and that has been a bit scary. My eyes have been opened to some less positive parts of my personality and I'm finally (after 36 years) taking steps to soften some of those edges and expand my spirit in a positive direction. 

This blogging process is part of me stepping out of my shell again. I have a new life, a new world and in so many ways I'm happier for it. If I hadn't brought about a massive upheaval at the end of last year, I would not have many of the things that I have now, and the changes I am making wouldn't be sticking. I know I need to make solid change if I'm to stay away from breaking my world, my heart and others' hearts open in the future. I know these changes need to stick before I can reach my potential.