Ok. It doesn't feel like this bodes well, but today I've run out of things to write about, on Day 4 of 30. Well, not exactly. But all afternoon I've been looking for something 'juicy' to write about, when the answer is right here, in the part of me that's telling me I don't have anything to write.

Last night I saw the Seduceaphones making rad tunes at the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine and just loved them. After a while. It took me a bit of time to get over myself and just enjoy the music. The main reason I needed to get over myself was that I was triggered by one of their stage personas. Confident, strong and sexy. All things I don't often see in myself. It took me three songs to get past that, and it made me wonder just how much I'm missing out on in the world because I am triggered and turn away or tune out. Probably more than I even realise. 

How much do you miss out on?

Anyway, enjoy this 11 seconds of Seduceaphonic goodness.

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