From the fog of confusion, emerges a direction

Yesterday at school, I felt so incredibly confused. I've been feeling really down on myself and talentless with school work the last few weeks, as well as being confused about where I want to take my photography in the longer term. I've been exposed to so many aspects of photography that I've really enjoyed and have often come home so excited about the experience. Add to that a confusing tutor who speaks in questions and I was unsure about which way was up.

But they say that confusion leads to insight and sure enough, last night, I had a breakthrough. And that breakthrough is taking me right back to where I started on this journey as a photographer. To tell stories through photojournalistic and editorial photographs. To work for community organisations, businesses and artists to tell their stories photographically. To mix photojournalism, editorial portraiture, performance photography and documentary making into a career. Funnily enough, I had this realisation and within minutes I saw an email from Claire about Talking Park Benches (give them some love on their kickstarter). This project is right up my alley: connecting strangers in conversation within the anonymity of the city. What's super exciting is that I'll be taking photographs to document and explore this idea throughout October, and maybe even making a short documentary film to tell their story. Perfect!

This realisation and assignment has refuelled the passion I felt earlier this year with my photo essay on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A project I worked (and will continue with) Eliza Charley, a Chronic Fatigue survivor. Here's that photo essay now, exploring Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through the eyes of Sarah, another survivor.