New 'studio' Headshots with Kalia

I've always said that every portrait shoot is a collaboration and this headshot shoot with Kalia was definitely that!

She had requested some soft studio headshots and after some discussion we agreed that we could probably do them at her Melbourne home. 

Every person, and every actor is different - and a big part of what I do is to shoot portraits that show off that difference and celebrate the amazing person that they are. Shooting at someone's home, or a location that they have chosen helps them feel super comfortable and able to be themselves.

I wish I had some BTS shots or footage from this shoot so I could share the before and after! But to get these shots we moved her dining table and chairs, rearranged some other furniture and created ourselves a sweet little studio. All the lighting comes from a large window behind the camera and to the right. 

It just goes to show, that with the right people and the right ideas, we can make anything happen! 

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